🎓 Introducing the U School Scheduling System project from last semester’s CMPUT 401 students at the University of Alberta! 🌟

Screenshot of the app.

Our talented students collaborated with U School, a program that introduces and connects students from socially vulnerable, Aboriginal, and rural communities to the University of Alberta, to develop an innovative web app with the motto “Helping change lives” 🌍✨.

The U School Scheduling System helps streamline scheduling and improves user experience for various stakeholders involved in the program. The app was built using Django + PostgreSQL for the backend, React for the frontend, and is currently being deployed on Cybera, offering a user-friendly interface for all users 🖥️🌐.

Key insights from the team’s experience:

  • Importance of visibility in work
  • Good communication is crucial
  • Collaboration, patience, and careful planning
  • Test early, test often
  • Value of breaking up work into manageable chunks

Biggest challenge: Creating the schedule, which was overcome by using the React Big Cal component after initial attempts proved unsuccessful 📅💡.

Thank you, Michaela Mann (U School Program Lead) for providing the opportunity to work on this impactful project 🤝👏.

Congratulations to the dedicated team for their hard work, exceptional teamwork, and valuable insights! 🎉👩‍💻👨‍💻

University of Alberta CMPUT 401 Project - Fall 2022


Kaixuan H., Hua Wang, Alim Dhanani, Calder Orieux, Jimmy Chung, Mohit Kumar, Courtenay Laing-Kobe


Mohayeminul Islam