A simple daily plan goes a long way.

A student came up to me today and said, “Classes are done, and I miss having a structured day. I’ve got so much free time now, but I never seem to get anything done. What should I do?”

Oh boy, do I know that feeling! I’m a master procrastinator. You know, those enticing rabbit holes that just suck you in for hours, and then you feel guilty because the day has vanished?

So, how do I tackle this? If there’s no structure given to me, I create it myself.

Step one: On a Sunday afternoon, take a moment to plan out your week. What projects are you working on? And hey, I’m not just talking about work projects! Reading a book or taking a Udemy course? That counts too! Spend some time reviewing each project and listing the tasks you want to accomplish during the week.

Next up, every morning, set aside 10 minutes to plan your day. A tool like Sunsama can be super helpful, but don’t overthink it – just make a clear list of tasks, in the order you’ll tackle them. Trust me, if you don’t have an order, you’ll just do the easy stuff first and never get to the important things.

The secret sauce here is making your plan realistic. First off, keep it real. Finishing a shorter plan feels way better than never completing a long one. And secondly, remember it’s YOUR plan, so add some fun tasks you can look forward to! Why not include watching an episode of your favorite TV show as a “break” between two challenging tasks?

Give it a try, and just see how your days transform!