A new gadget caught my heart.

Here’s the story. My life has taken a turn – at least two flights a week for the next year. I love flying, but I hate wasting time and I can’t work on planes - balancing a laptop on that tiny table… no, I’d rather have a book.

You know I found my holy grail at O’Reilly Learning. Thousands of tech books at your fingertips, and a really decent mobile app. However, I struggled to find a way to read on the go, as my trusty Kindle obviously can’t run the app, and reading on a tablet is not my cup of tea. I long for that comforting e-ink. That book-like feel.

Enter my new partner, ONYX BOOX. A unique e-ink reader with Android. Yes, they exist! And quite a marvel it turned out to be.

ONYX BOOX e-reader.

Joy, pure joy in my hands. More books await, yoohoo!