The door is always open.

Let’s talk about office hours. Guess what? If you’re a student, your profs want you to be there!

Sure, it might seem scary. Leaving your comfort zone and walking into your professor’s office with a bunch of questions can be intimidating but give it a go! We often find ourselves all alone in our offices. And at times, the student queries are a bit less challenging than we’d love.

Are you eyeing your prof as your personal debugger for your latest coding task? Sure, we can play that part. But maybe your TA could actually guide you more effectively through those assignments. And that leaves room for us to have some deeper conversations.

What about chatting over your career goals? Your dream job? Your budding ideas? Maybe you have a complex question that requires intense brainwork? Or there’s a book that’s turned your world upside down? Or maybe you’re looking for an exciting book to read, or need help finding a new topic to deep dive into?

Come on in and introduce yourself. We love getting to know our students. Trust us, we’re not big fans of sitting alone in our office, waiting for someone to knock on the door. See you soon!