Each CMPUT 401 project is developed in just two and a half months, so the scope should be reasonable. That is why it’s so important to prioritize features.

Based on the MoSCoW model, each functionality falls into one of the following categories:

  • Must have
  • Should have
  • Could have
  • Would like but won’t get

Then, the team must deliver all must-haves with at least some shoulds and, maybe, coulds.

Some teams, however, gain so much momentum that they end up delivering way more than they planned. Just like the team that developed Canadian Curriculum-Based Measurement Tool.

Screenshot of the app.

Take a look at the screencast. Can you imagine that this tool has been developed from scratch by six students who had to learn the frameworks they hadn’t used before?

Impressive, huh? This is CMPUT 401 😉

University of Alberta CMPUT 401 Project - Fall 2022


Kareem Elakkad, Ronan Sandoval, Braeden Dirksen, Timothee Legros, Xinyuan Zhao, Leo Chang


Pranjal Naringrekar