Managing a capstone course requires many spreadsheets. I mean, A WHOLE LOTTA spreadsheets. We take our data seriously, and we want to get the most out of students’ reflections, TAs’ notes, peer feedback and GitHub analytics.

I love Excel, there’s no problem having tons of VLOOKUPs and HLOOKUPs, but I was dreaming about having something to put all the data together as one cohesive dashboard.

Now we have a fantastic working prototype of a Capstone Dashboard. The team designed the system to fit CMPUT 401, but it’s flexible enough to adapt to other capstone courses. Instructors can set up courses and grant permission for TAs to view and flag teams and students and analyze performance data with charts and tables.

Screenshot of the app.

The project is open source and released under the MIT license.

Thank you, team!

University of Alberta CMPUT 401 Project - Fall 2022


Charffy Wang, Michael Huang, Rylan Chin, Vivek Malhotra, Vardan Saini, Shasta Johnsen-Sollos, Yutong Liu


Pranjal Naringrekar