Many subtleties come into play when we speak. We can convey hundreds of different emotions, and people can understand what we want to say not only from the words we use but from how we say them.

It’s not easy for non-native speakers, and it requires practice to recognize and, most importantly, apply the right emotions in speech.

CMPUT 401 students, guided by the amazing accent coach Bianca Aubin, developed a prototype of an app that can solve this problem.

Meet Voice Emotion Analyzer!

Screenshot of the app.

Users can record themselves and compare their voices to the recorded phrases to practice conveying emotion. The app can have up to 101 emotions to learn from and practice!

Very impressive work was done by this team. As often happens in CMPUT 401, they learned Flutter from scratch. With a challenging and open-ended task like this, developing an app with an unfamiliar framework in a new language is a quest full of challenges.

Especially impressive for a smaller team of only FOUR people!

Way to go, team!


Frank Li, Glenn Storch, Jiachen Xu, Ray Gong


Brij Patel