Showcasing impressive apps developed by talented CMPUT 401 students is likely the best part of my job at the U of A :-)

Here is yet another fantastic project for you.

Screenshot of the app.

This project was one of the new brownfield projects we have in CMPUT 401. It may seem easier to have an existing codebase that can be reused and extended, right?

Not necessarily! Dealing with legacy code is NEVER easy, especially when:

  • the codebase is a part of an actively developed project with multiple branches;
  • the domain is not easy at all (linguistics!)

That is why this team’s success is so unique. The students could understand the legacy codebase and the peculiarities of linguistics. With that, they completed three challenging tasks:

  1. Successfully refactored the frontend using React.js
  2. Updated the backend to be more RESTful
  3. Repackaged the core functionality as a PyPi package

Great job, team! You can be proud of yourself.

And thank you for your support and guidance, Antti Arppe and Jolene Poulin. I’ll always be happy to have other ALTLab projects in CMPUT 401!


Batu Bora, Fred Bonilla, James Schaefer-Pham, Uladzimir Bondarau, Zijie Tan


Dalton Ronan