The very first version of Moodle was developed 20 years ago, and since then, Moodle has become an increasingly complex learning management system. Developing plug-ins requires a good understanding of Moodle legacy architecture. It’s never easy.

Screenshot of the app.

So, I’m excited to share the success story of this CMPUT 401 team. Starting this project, no one in the team knew PHP, and, of course, no one had any experience with development for Moodle. However, the team picked up everything exceptionally fast and developed a set of awesome interactive plugins in less than two months. That’s what we call learning by doing.

Great job, team!

Thank you for bringing this project, Carrie Demmans Epp and EdTeKLA Research Group!


Alex Sorore, Ayman Abdelfattah, Gengyuan Huang, Jatandip Singh, Kishan Patel, Philip Wang.


Spencer Killen