For a long time, I’ve dreamed of having a web portal to showcase all the fantastic projects that CMPUT 401 students create. Finally, my dream has come true – we have the CMPUT 401 Projects Portal!

Screenshot of the app.

I could not wish for a better team to work on this project. Alisha, Andrews, Ayo, Kyle, Natasha and Will were highly well-organized, committed, creative and hardworking. I was impressed with the way the team worked together. It felt like the team had been working together for years before coming to this project and delivered numerous successful products. The project was very well managed, and I felt that everyone had a clear understanding of it at any given moment.

Fantastic job, team!


Alisha Crasta, Andrews Essilfie, Ayo Akindele, Kyle McLean, Natasha Osmani, Will Fenton


Mohayeminul Islam